The Shlah gives a wonderful explanation to the pasuk in the shira 'zek keli ve'anveihu, elokai avi v'arom'menhu' meaning 'this is my G-D and I will glorify Him, the G-D of my father and I will raise Him.' He says that the pasuk is describing 2 different relationships one can have with HaShem. Either one can find his personal relationship and connection with HaShem; this is 'ze keli' (Thus is MY G-D) - in which case one merits a 'veanveihu,' meaning 'Ani v'hu' (me and Him,) ie me and HaShem live together so to speak. Or alternatively, one can live the lower level of 'elokei avi' ie not have one's personal connection to HaShem , but rather rest of the fact that He was God of your fathers. Here, one only sees 'v'arom'menhu' ('high'), meaning that HaShem seems far and high away from us. The lesson; live your own spiritul life and not someone else's. Find your own special connection to HaShem.

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