And the Jews picked up their eyes and they saw the Mitzriyim traveling after them".

Rashi points out; the word "traveling" in the pasuk is written in the singular ("Nosaya" not "Nosim"). This is to teach us that the Mitzriyim had unity against Klal Yisroel - "BiLev Echad K'Ish Echad" - "With 1 heart like 1 person".

Rashi makes a similar comment in Parshas Yisro. When Klal Yisroel came to Har Sinai, the pasuk says, "VaYichan Sham Yisroel Neged HaHar" - "And the Jews camped near the mountain". "VaYichan" is in the singular - "And he camped" - although it is referring to all of Klal Yisroel. Rashi says that this is to teach us the unity that Klal Yisroel had. They were, "K'Ish Echad BiLev Echad"- "like 1 person with 1 heart".

Rav Hutner takes note of the different wording which Rashi uses in each instance. In Parshas Beshalach, when referring to the Mitzriyim, Rashi says, "BiLev Echad K'Ish Echad" - Lev first then Ish. As opposed to Parshas Yisro, when he is referring to the Jews, Rashi says, "K'Ish Echad BiLev Echad" - placing Ish before Lev?

Rav Hutner answers; The Egyptians (and all Goyim for that matter) do not have unity. What brings them together is a common cause. In this instance, the common cause was their hatred for Klal Yisroel. That is why Rashi said, "BiLev Echad K'Ish Echad". They were "BiLev Echad" - with 1 cause, and therefore "K'Ish Echad" with unity like 1 person. However Klal Yisroel is different. They are compared to a human body. Does the left hand have a different opinion than the right? Of course not! All parts of 1 body work together. They are 1 unit. So too is Klal Yisroel 1 unit by definition. That is why Rashi says, ""K'Ish Echad BiLev Echad"- They are by definition K'Ish Echad - 1 unit. Our "BiLev Echad" - common cause - is only a secondary factor.

Even without a common cause we are united.

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