Towards the end of Parshas Beshalach we have the episode where the Jews were Attacked from behind by the nation of Amalek!! The Torah goes on to state "והיה כאשר ירים משה ידו-וגבר ישראל וכאשר יניח ידו, וגבר עמלק" - When Moshe Raises his hands Bnei Yisroel will be strengthened and when he lowers them Amalek will be strengthened.

I have discussed amelek previously as having the same Gematria (240) as the word Sofek (doubt). Amalek is our inner evil our Yetzer hora.

The War with Amalek and the actions needed to help Bnei Yisroel win are a lesson for us all in life!!!

Rashi asks, Did Moshe's hands then make them victorious in battle?? No , Rather this is to tell you that when the Bnei Yisroel looked up and subjugated their hearts to their Father in heaven, they would prevail, and if not, they would fall. What is also worth noting is the timing of this attack by amalek! The Bnei Yisroel have just been taken out of Egypt, they have also only just experienced one of the greatest miracles ever and then had the most spiritually uplifting experience of Thanking Hashem and singing the Shira and now all of a sudden they are atacked by Amalek!!

We all experience amazing things in our lives going on aish trips, having an amazing Shabbos, even just davening, however, no matter what mood we are in spiritually, the yetzer Hora can get you when you least expect it!!

As we see in the battle with Amalek the only way to defeat this is to look up to the Heavens and Plea to Hashem and realise that He is the only power that we need to Adhere to!! Hashem will give us the strenght to prevail in our personal battle with the Amalek inside of us!!

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