"You shall love Hashem.."
The word אהבה - love - has a root of הב which means give.
We are commanded in this weeks parsha to Love Hashem. We read this posuk at least twice daily in the shema. But how does one love Hashem??

In Judaism we believe that love is based on giving hence the root of the word אהבה - love is הב - give. You can not love somebody unless you are willing to give 100% of the time in all sorts of ways. This love is reciprocated by the other person. However true Love is giving just for the sake of giving, and not giving just so you get something back!

So again how do we love Hashem? and does Hashem Love us?

Hashem has given us everything we could ever ask for and continues to give all the time!! Sothat answers our second question but we still havent answered our first question.. How do we love an immortal, non tangible being??

G-d gave us things to do, in return by doing these things (mitvos) we are giving to Hashem. to truly love Him would be to give 100% in every Mitzvah. For example not doing it half heartedly. Do it not because you want reward, but do it because you know thats what Hashem means when He says Love Him! Like i said above, if you give just to receive that is not true love.

May we all give our all in service to Hashem and to our fellow Jew and give not only to receive but just because thats what He wants!.

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