This is a very well known Pasuk in the Torah - "to be wholehearted With Hashem" so in order to follow it we have to know what it implies.
Rashi explains it means having a cristal clear faith in Hashem. knowing as the Ramban writes that He is in control of the world, we dont have to fear anything, or wonder whats coming in the future cause we trust that whatever Hashem has for us is the best, like Rabi Akiva Taught us: HaCol LE Tova!
rav Moshe Feinsteins writes that this Mitzvah has to aspects to it:
1) We shouldnt have curiosity and find ways to see what the future have for us. the nations of the world are always trying to find someone to tell them their futures, either on cards, the 'magic ball", etc. we dont need this. cause when we behave as jews we dont depend on all this astrological things, when we do our mision in the world we gain control over it. as our Jajamim teach us "Israel Lemala Min Hamazal" and We learn this from our forefather Abraham Abinu when Hashem tells him Go out and see the stars! what He Was really telling Abraham was that he is above from the stars, nothing is imposible for AHshem He can make miracles for us! but we have to deserve them, we ahve to be doing our job. thats why Isrel is on top of the mazal, only when we are behaving like Israel- Yashar-kel/ Straight with G-d< we can elevate ourselves over nature, astrology and all this things that Hashem uses to control the world. we Have to know something very important in live! Hashem plays with us the "game" we want to play, as much as we put our lives in His hands and let Him control us, as much as He is going to take over. but if we think we are control by destiny, nature, etc. and we allow ourselves to be managed by this, then Hashem takes "a step back' to let us see that our live is being control by all this factors.

so having a complete faith in hashem means letting Him be king over us, to control us, and really believing and trusting that whatever He is doing is 100% good. thats why every day when we daven the Shemona Esre 3 times a day we say that we thank Hashem for all the good He has done for us at night- times when we dont see anything,everything seems dark; in the morning- when we dont need so much fait cause everything is filled with clarity; and in the afternoons- times when everything looks blurry and we are full of doubts. we should know that hashem is always with us in every period of time, even and mostly when is night. the Ramban teaches us that the darkest point in night is just before dawn< and if we believe morning is going to come we are going to be able to pass threw it. is The same in life, night is when we need more Emuna "Lehaguid baboker Jasdeja veEmunatja Baleilot" but if we believe hashem is carrying us more than ever and Bh soon everything is going to be bright again, we will be able to go threw it and enjoy a bright new sunrise!

2) the second Thing Rav Feinstein teaches us is that we should never stop ourselves from doing something that we fill is right because at the moment we are lacking the tools we need. sometimes this is just aprt of the test, how mucha re we trusting in Hashem? se it in your life, how many times did you got worried and thought somehting couldnt happened, and then by a "miracle" the solution came. hashem is everywhere and in everything! if you are doing the right thing, it will for sure work out. must of the yeshivot we ahve wouldnt be standing if it wasnt for men that had completly faith in Hashem and against all odds built yeshivot even if many of them failed at the begining. we are a people that goes against nature, but in order for this to happen also in ourselves we ahve to go against our logic and go with our heart trusting in Hashem. we have to worry about the present, doing our effort in whatever we have in our hands, and let Hashem worry about the rest! He is Noten Layaef Coaj/ Gives strengh to the one thats tired! if you are doing all your best, and really trying, then Hashem will help you finish it, but dont expect thing to happen by them self! first you have to be Ayef/tired and then Hashem will give you strength!

dont question everything in life, as our Jajamim says you dont need faith for something thats there, you could alredy see it! faith comes when you cant see anymore! for the person that beleives there are no questions, but for the one that dosent believe, there are never enough answers!




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