Some mitzvas are better not done!! For example in this weeks parsha we are told "Soim Tasim Olecha Melech" "You shall appoint a king over you". The Mitzvah in the Torah is to appoint a king over Klal Yisroel. Why then, many years later, did Shmuel HaNavi admonish Klal Yisroel for asking for a king? Some Meforshim explain, although appointing a king is a Mitzvah, it is one that we would rather not have to be Mikayim. Just like there is a Mitzvah to give one's wife a Get; which only applies if one wants to divorce his wife, and that Mitzvah is one that the Torah would rather you are never Mikayim .

So too, Hashem wants Klal Yisroel to be on a madraga not to have to need a king. Shmuel admonished Klal Yisroel for sinking to the level of needing a king.

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