Do you drive? You know when you’re driving ninety down the motorway and everything is relaxed, you’ve got sameach at the wheel playing full blast and air con up to full power! London seems two hours away you’re going past Newcastle and the journey is going well. Then you realise Newcastle is the wrong direction… You were so relaxed and in your state of mind that you failed to look out for road signs and missed the junction for the M1 SOUTH and went up the M1 NORTH.

And this is the lesson of our Parsha. Re’eh - "Look!" First of all, keep your eyes open. Do not rely on inertia. To be Jewish is to look where you're going .

Anochi Nosen Lifneichem Hayom Bracha U'Klala - "I present before you today a blessing and a curse." Life is a series of forks in the road. One leads to blessing, to life, to London. The other leads to death, to curse, to Newcastle.

Life is a path. The choices we make today determine where we end up tomorrow. Every choice has its consequences. To close our eyes and go with the flow leads to a dead end... or worse.

We're all drivers. The traffic is speeding along. A wrong turn gets you nowhere very fast. Be sure to have your AAA map close at hand. Seek counsel from others to help you spot the elusive road signs. If you make a wrong turn, don't be afraid to turn around and get back on track. Most of all remain alert.

Look where you're going.

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