Re'eh Anochi Nosen Lifneichem Hayom Bracha U'Klala - See, I have placed before you this day [both] Blessing and Curse." (Dvarim 11:26)

The Imrei Aish asks basic question in the grammar - why is the word Re'eh singular, while the word Lifneichem is in the plural form? The answer provides us with a vivid understanding of what receiving Bracha and Klala (Divine blessing and curse) are all about.

The Imrei Aish explains that, as we all know, Hashem is the true source of Good for the World, and it is His Will to shower the entirety of His creation with that Goodness - equally for all. But not all facets of creation are capable of receiving that Goodness equally, some prepare themselves more than others, turning themselves into better, more "roomy" receptacles. Similarly, the sun shines equally upon all, but some have more advanced and sophisticated ways to use the sun's energy than others. The degree of usage/benefit is dependent on the degree of preparation


Thus, Re'eh, See - Observe and understand that Hashem wants to Provide His Good equally for all. But when that Goodness "arrives" lifneichem - before you - then the reception of that Goodness depends on the degree of preparation of each individual, which by its very nature is plural. Indeed, for some, the shower of Hashem's Goodness will be a blessing, while for others who lack the proper preparation, it may turn out to be a curse.

In the same way we see that the parsha of Re'eh is in sefer Devorim which is based on all of Moshe Rabbeinu's rebukes to the Bnei Yisroel. The word Devarim (words) is the same word as the word Devorim (bees). Bees make Dvash (honey) but also Sting, if we take the rebukes properly in the right way and learn from our mistakes Hashem Blesses us with Honey, however if we take them in the wrong way then we will be stung!

As it says in Pirkei Avos (4:21), "This world is like a corridor to the World to Come." We are living our lives walking trying to find our way to Olam Haba trying different doors, always looking for the right path some doors go to The next world, some doors unfortunately are the wrong path and lead us to bad places (gehinnom).

May we all take Hashem's good in the right way and learn from Moshe Rabbeinu's rebuke to lead us down the right path to through the right doors and be blessed with the sweet taste of honey!




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