Rabeinu Bachayei cites an important principle and novel understanding of the pasuk (29:28) ‘the hidden things are for HaShem, our God, and the revealed things are for us and our children…’ in the name of the Rambam. He writes that all mitzvos have reasons for them, but these reasons are beyond our full comprehension. We might try to ascribe certain reasons for individual mitzvos, but they are ultimately beyond our comprehension - they are reflections of Divine wisdom, after all. Our main job is to perform the mitzvos and make sure to fulfil all their various halachos, regardless of what the reason for the mitzvah is. ‘The hidden ones are for HaShem’ - let Him worry about the reasons for the mitzvos, whilst ‘the revealed ones are for us’ - we should just worry about the halachos of the mitzvos; the things that we can be sure about.

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