Ki Seitzei

Divorce split

The concept of divorce makes its first appearance in our sedra (24:1). The word for a divorce document is a get (spelled gimmel, tes). The Vilna Ga’on notes that nowhere in the pages of Tanach do the letters gimmel and tes appear together.

Thus, the very letters that spell the…

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Amonim & Mo’avim out!




Whereas certain other nations are allowed to marry into Judaism (if they have converted) after a certain number of generations, when it comes to men from Amon and Mo’av descent, the Torah rules that no such people are ever allowed to marry Jews (23:4). Why are they…

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Ki Seitsei : Amalek did remind us not to give up on any Jew

Our Parsha this week concludes with the commandment to Amalek’s sin against our forefathers on the way out of Egypt (Devarim 25:17)
"He ambushed (vay’zanev) all the stragglers (hanecheshalim) behind you, and you were tired and weary, and did not fear Hashem" This verse refers to how amalek attacked the…

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Jews are great people

In this week’s Parsha the Torah prohibits marrying an Ammonite or a Moabite for all generations even after conversion. LO YAVO AMONI UMO’AVI BIKHAL HASHEM, “An Ammonite or a Moabite may not enter into the assembly of Hashem”. (Deut. 23,4) The reason given is that when Bnei Yisrael were on…

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The aim of Amalek

Parshas Ki Teitzei; Remembering Amalek
The majority of our sedra this week deals with forbidden mixtures/'coming togethers' of 2 things; for example Shatnez, Kilaim, rape, returning a lost object, and others. [A real must-see this week is the Or HaChaim on 22;1-4 who darshens the psukim returning to returning lost…

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"He (Amalek) happened upon you on the way, and he struck the weaklings who were straggling at the rear, when you were faint and exhausted, and he did not fear G-d." (25:18)
Why do we reserve special hatred for Amalek, more so than for other nations which attacked us…

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Much of our sedra connects in some way or another to the theme of mixtures. We are warned about mixing male and female clothing, about mixing wool and linen in our garments, about types of animals which may not thresh together (kila’im), and about certain groups of people who may…

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Chazak Chazak Venischazeyk

There is what I think is an inspirational yet simple Rashi on this weeks Parsha which has connections to Elul. See if you can work out how.

The mitzva of shiluach Hakan (sending away the mother bird) is one of the many mitzvos brought and in the Posuk it says…

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