"Then you shall call out and say before Hashem, your G-d, "An Aramean tried to destroy my forefather." (26:5)

The first fruits of the 7 species for which Israel is famed (wheat, barley, figs, pomegranates, olives, and dates) are brought to Jerusalem, and presented to the Kohan. This Mitzvah is known as "Bikkurim". When the Bikkurim is being presented, a declaration is being made by the owner of the fruits. It starts off with the following: "An Aramean tried to destroy my forefather." Rashi comments that the Aramean here is specifically referring to Lavon (Jacob's father-in-law) who chased after Jacob with the intent to destroy him. (Please refer to Genesis 31 for further details.) A question can be asked, why is it so important to mention Lavon at the Bikkurim celebration? What is the connection between Bikkurim and the incident with Lavon? I would like to propose , Bezrat Hashem, the following original answer:

The Torah testifies to the fact that Lavon had purposely wished to eradicate Jacob. Without the Torah telling us this, we perhaps would not have known it since nobody is actually privy to another person's inner intent accept for G-d. In Medrash Rabbah 1:4, it states that the world was created for the sake of Bikkurim...(Please refer there for further details.)

The Torah is teaching us a very important lesson when it connects Lavon to the Bikkurim declaration. Lavon represents the common enemy of the Jewish people that is prevalent throughout the generations that actively seeks to destroy the Jewish people. Yet, the Jewish People must survive so that Bikkurim can be brought in order for the world to exist as understood from the comment found in the Medrash Rabbah. This, therefore, becomes an opportune time for the "Bikkurim declaration" to have a reference to Lavon. The Torah is actually informing us that the enemies of the Jews will never succeed in their devious schemes for one reason, namely that the world can fulfill its purpose of a Jew one day being able to bring Bikkurim. This is in essence a declaration to all the Jewish enemies that they are doomed to failure. There is, therefore ,a profound connection between Bikkurim and Lavon that needs to be understood and realized.The Jewish people are actually being protected for the sake of Bikkurim. Even if , G-d forbid, the Jews will be lacking in merits and enemies will emerge against them, they will survive. Its guaranteed ! This demonstrates to us ever so clearly G-d's love for the Jewish people. There is a safe guard build into the universe that protects the Jewish people from their enemies no matter what their spiritual level may be at the time. This is an extra hidden reason why the Bikkurim celebration was so joyous, namely G-d's love for the Jewish people.

Have a good Shabbos...

This Torah thought is being dedicated to my beloved father, NACHMAN SHIMON ben YEHUDA MEIR HAKOHAN, Z"L.

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