After 22 years of being apart, Yaakov Aveinu is reunited with his dear son Yosef.  

Yaakov Aveinu speaks words of endearment,of how he thougt he never see him again, yet the Torah Hakodoshah records no words of endearment back to his father, no response at all.

This bothered me for many years. This year I felt that I was zoceh to say p'shat.

When you look carefully at Yosef's words immediately following Yaakov's speech, Yosef says "to his brothers and his father's house I will go tell Pharoah that my brothers and my father's house באו אלי came to me." The whole point in telling Pharaoh of y'ridas Beis Yaakov Aveinu was that they came to me. This was the fulfillment of the eitza amuka that Yaakov had in sending his son to find his brothers in Dotan, to begin the golus that was a part of the geziras Hashem of shibud Mitzrayim.

Yosef's response was indirect, but to the point, to point out that now (באו אלי) is the fulfillment, the kiyum, of the eitza amuka, the kiyum of that large stepping stone of the larger promise Hashem made with Avraham Aveinu of 400 years in golus until Geulas Mitzrayim.


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