45/27)- Why does the Posuk say that "Yaakov saw the "Agolos" that YOSEF sent to carry him", we see in (45/19) that PHAROH was the one that sent them? How was this a sign to Yaakov that Yosef was referring to Eglah Arufah it was'nt even Yosef's idea? Is'nt wagons the obvious thing to send to pick him up- what was the big deal that he sent wagons and Yaakov realized he was trying to say something? I want to try and say a big Chidush to answer- please let me know if you do or do not agree and why.

Perhaps you can say as follows: In Posuk 19 when Pharoh said to send Agolos, he meant to send wagons to pick them up, in Posuk 21 he sent wagons. In Posuk 27 when it says the "Agolos that Yosef sent " it does'nt mean wagons, maybe it means CALVES, that Yosef sent the WAGONS that Pharoh said to send and he used CALVES to lead them in order that Yaakov should realize that he sent them as opposed to horses for a reason.

A proof perhaps is that the Targum Unkelos on Posuk 19 & 21 uses the word "Eglon" and in Posuk 27 he changes and uses the word "Agolosah" which I want to say maybe means that he changes from wagons to calves. In the Parsha of Eglah Arufah in Devorim (21/6) The Targum uses a similar word to "Agolosah" - "Agaltah" to describe a calf.

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