Yosef's Indirect Response to Yaakov Aveinu

After 22 years of being apart, Yaakov Aveinu is reunited with his dear son Yosef.  

Yaakov Aveinu speaks words of endearment,of how he thougt he never see him again, yet the Torah Hakodoshah records no words of endearment back to his father, no response at all.

This bothered me…

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Goshen Green

Strangely, when Yosef relays the message that his brothers are to tell Yaakov when they return home, Yosef makes sure that Yaakov is told ‘you will settle in the land of Goshen’ (45:10).

Why did Yaakov have to know this? The Tur and the Ramban both point out that Yaakov…

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Judgment Day

When Yosef reveals his identity with the famous line ‘I am Yosef. Is my father still alive? And the brothers could not answer him, for they were embarrassed,’ (45:3) the Midrash comments ‘woe to us for the day of judgment, woe to us for the day of reproach.’ The Midrash…

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do you undervalue your brothers???

This week's parsha is the dramatic climax of the story of Yosef and his brothers. First, they sell him as a slave to Egypt. Afterwards, Yosef achieves phenomenal success in his position, only to end up in prison for 12 years, accused of a crime he didn't commit. Then again…

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What was Yaakov's Mistake?

In this weeks Parsha, Yaakov, the monotheist, meets Pharoh, the king of Egypt and the most powerfulman in the world. What could they have discussed? The meaning of life? The famine? They don't.

Instead, the Torah records that meeting as having to do with something quite mundane. Age. Yet that…

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