In our sedra, we are told about Avraham Avinu doing the mitzvah of hachnasas orchim, and HaShem visits the sick [Avraham].

Here's something general about bein adam lechaveiro mitzvos. Rav Pinkus zt'l used to bemoan what he saw as a general mistaken attitude of people towards mitzvos bein adam lechaveiro.

This is what he would say: People do not look at bein adam lechaveiro through the lens of Torah, and so are missing out on two main things.

Firstly, they do not realise how valued these mitzvos are, for this is described by Chazal, eg hachnasas orchim atoning now that we have no mizbeyach to atone, and honouring parents compared to honouring HaShem.
But the worse outcome is that we do not know details of these mitzvos becuase we assume we know what they are all about. For example, Kibud Av V'em includes not getting upset in front of your parents (Rambam),a part of bikur cholim is davening for the ill person to get better, and a major part of hachnasas orchim is escorting the guest out of your home and (at least) 4 amos into the street when he is leaving.

Let's be Torah-orientated in Bein Adam Lechaveiro too!