The parsha tells us that after Rochel gave birth to Yosef in Padan Aram, she prayed, [Bereishis 30:24] "Yosef Hashem li Bein acher-May Hashem add to me another son." Eventually this led to the birth of Binyamin after she left Padan Aram.

I once heard a beautiful point from Rav Eliyahu Boruch Finkel, ztl about the power of Tefilla based on this small Tefilla that Rochel prayed.

In Parshas Vayishlach [Bereishis 35:26] it mentions the children that were born to Yaacov in Padan Aram [when he was by Lavan]. Among them is listed his youngest son Binyomin. The question is that Binyomin was not born till after Yaacov left Padan Aram, so why is he included in those that were born in Padan Aram?

The commentary Chizkuni, in one of his answers, says an amazing point about Tefillah. He said that Rochel PRAYED in Padan Aram for Binyomin to be born when she had Yosef and said, [Bereishis 30:24] "Yosef Hashem li Bein acher-May Hashem add to me another son." The Chizkuni concludes, "And because of this [that Binyomin's inception began with Rochel's Tefillh in Padan Aram] the verse considers it as if Binyomin was actually born in Padan Aram." We see from this that the essence of the birth was Tefillah.

Rav Finkel also brought the Gemoro in Berachos 54a that one who sees a place where miracles were performed on behalf of the Jewish people recites: "Blessed….Who Performed miracles for our ancestors at this place."

The Gemoro on 54b says that this blessing is recited when one sees the stone upon which Moishe sat when Yehoshua waged war against Amalek. Now the question is that Moishe was sitting on a stone on top of the hill that overlooked the battlefield down below. So the miraculous victory against Amalek took place down below so why do we make the blessing by the hill where Moishe sat on the stone?

The Marsha there again tells us an amazing revelation about Tefilla.
He answers that since that stone enabled Moishe to raise his hand in Tefilla [see Shemos 17:12 on the verse "And he was with his hands in faith…" And Rashi there comments, " Spread Heavenward in faithful and proper prayer…"] which brought about the great victory over Amalek, then that stone is the PLACE where the miracle was performed

The Gemoro Berachos 31b also teaches us about the importance of prayer. Shemuel had done something against Eli Hacohen and and Eli Hacohen said that Shmuel deserved death by Heaven, but he promised Chana, Shmuel's Mother, that he would beseech Hashem for mercy and He would give her another son who was greater than this one.

Chana responded, "For THIS child did I PRAY…," and the Marsha explains that she was stressing that Shmuel was more beloved to me because he was born through MY PRAYER, rather than another child who would be born by YOUR PRAYER. Again we see the greatness of having a child through your own prayer.

Finally, Rav Finkel brought the Gemoro in Kiddushin 29b which relates that there was a certain demon that resided in the Beis Hamedrash of Abaye and he arranged that Rav Acha bar Yaacov should be alone in that Beis Hamedrash and Rav Acha bar Yaacov prayed and killed the demon.

The Marsha there asks how Abaye put Rav Acha in such a dangerous situation to have to rely on miracles to be saved from it?

The Marsha answers, "That Abaye definitely relied on the great piety of Rav Acha and that through his Tefilla he won't be harmed and would succeed in killing the demon and this [killing the demon through TEFILLA] is NOT A MIRACLE."

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