There's an especially cryptic ba'al haturim this week, so for any fans of mysteries here goes... Referring to Yaakov's dream of the ladder and the ascending & descending angels, the ba'al haturim comments that ladder ('sulam') has the same genatria as money ('mamon')[28;12]. The reason, he says, is since money can be uplifted or bring someone down - as visibly demonstrated by the angels going up and down. The question is, however, why is it that here specifically must this message re money be conveyed?
One answer given (I heard it on a R Frand tape)is that this was the point in Yaakov's life where he was changing from having all his needs taken care of by his parents at home, to going out into the world and needing to fend financially for himself. Thus, he made a solid commitment to stand strong against the tests of money, as we see later on in his scrupulous obersvance of honesty in business in working for Lavan the crook. Consequently, it is upon his departure from his parents to the house of Lavan where we are given this vital message about money..

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