We read in Parshas Vayeishev that Yosef held firm to his faith in Hashem, no matter what was thrown at him. His never give up, never surrender attitude served him well throughout his life. To Yosef, despite the apparent difficulties of his situation, all that counted was that he maintained the attitude and action of a faith-based person, to keep moving forward.

We all memorized Adon Olam in our youth, but how many of us actually base our decisions on its last stanza, which is commonly translated: I rest my spirit

Success in life is about how hard one can get hit, that is how much one can take, and keep moving forward. We must always be ready to do our part by strengthening our commitment to living a Hashem-based life. In sum, in the words of our last Lubavitcher Rebbe, Z’TL, “We must translate pain into action and tears into growth”.

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