The gemara says that when you come to the Yom HaDin after you die you will have many excuses for your shortcomings. You were too poor and didn't have time to learn. To this Hashem will point to Hillel and ask "were your poorer than him?" You were too rich and were way too busy. Nuh huh try again. Look at Eliezer who was fabulously wealthy and made time to learn. You were too attractive and temptation got to you. Sorry, Yosef was far better looking and he managed.

Rav Yehuda Asad says this is pshat in the pasuk, "Rabos Machshavos B'Lev Ish" there are many ideas or excuses in a person's mind for not passing his tests in life. However, "Atzas Hashem Hee Sakum" Hashem's plan of testing you fairly will stand at the end. How? Hidden in the word "Hee" (Hey-Yud-Aleph) is the acronym for Hillel-Yosef-Eliezer). These famous men should act as examples to us. We have no excuse for not doing mitzvos or studying Torah we are here for that purpose and that purpose only!!

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