Footprints in the Sand




In this weeks סדרה we find how אשת פוטיפר has יוסף sent to prison. The פסוק says[i], “Then יוסף’s master took him and placed him in the prison ….. and he was there in prison. The מפרשים are bothered by the superfluous phase at the end of…

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2 more answers to the Yosef hishtadlus question

We asked why was Yosef punished for asking the butler to remind Pharoah to remove Yosef from jail. Chazal call this a lack of bitachon; surely Yosef was just doing hishtadlus?

1) Beis HaLevi - Each person has their own level of bitachon and what hishtadlus is considered a lack…

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The Ruler and the King (long vort)

This week kicks off the first of the three-part series of the sale of Yosef and - eventually - his reuniting with the brothers as the viceroy of Egypt. It all begins with the brothers selling Yosef after his two dreams, which, like other events which occurred to the Avos,…

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Vayehi Hashem Es Yosef Vayehi Ish Matzliach

Yosef is in Mitzraim and is in charge of the household of Potifar. The Torah testifies: Vayehi Hashem Es Yosef Vayehi Ish Matzliach, “And Hashem was with Yosef and he was a prosperous man.”

The Chafetz Chaim makes a very interesting observation. When we say the prayer for the…

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A Lesson in Not Looking Guilty

The pasuk tells us, when the wife of Potifar tried to seduce Yosef into being Mizaneh with her, she grabbed Yosef's garment. Yosef left the garment in her hand and ran outside. The pasuk says, "VaYanos VaYeitzei HaChutzah" - "Yosef ran (yanos) and went (yeitzei) outside." Why the double verb…

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mekayim the 613? Of and you-we're brothers!

Yaakov asked Yosef to go to Shchem to check on "Es Shalom Achecha V'Es Shalom Hatzon"; the welfare of his brothers and the welfare of the sheep. The Kerem Shlomo says that the Roshei Teivos of these words (Aleph, Shin, Aleph, Vov, Shin, Hey) equals 613 for the Taryag Mitzvos.…

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