The sedra is called Vayechi; and he lived. Yet this is the sedra in which Yaakov dies. What's going on? (and The Torah is not sarcastic) Chazal tell us that 'yaakov avinu lo meis' ie Yaakov Avinu didn't die. How is this; the psukim clearly say that Yaakov was niftar and was covered for burial, etc? Because Yaakov Avinu's body was not his main thing; his shining feature and main part of his life was his neshama and spiritual goals. Thus, though the body died, his aims and spiritualty live forever via his children etc. Thus, Yaakov AVINU (who he really was and the fact that he was our founding father) did not die; he lives on in his children and ultimately in us. IDEA; we are not only measured spiriutally after what we accomplish, but also after how we affect others - causing one mitzvah can have massive knock-on effects - and you are attributed with a certain reward for those effects.

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