The Posuk tells us Yaakov lived in Mitzrayim for 17 years. The Meforshim all point out that the word "VaYechi" is telling us that these were the years he "lived". In VaYigash when Paroh asked Yaakov his age, Yaakov first uses the term "Yimei Migurai" the days of my dwelling because his life was so difficult it was hard to use the word "living". He merely "existed". Once he came to Mitzrayim and he rejoined his closest son Yosef, then he "lived". The Kli Yakar points out that this is the meaning of the Medrash that says there the gap between VaYigash and VaYechi is "stuffed up", as it is a "Parshah Stuma", there is no gap in the Torah. The reason is to teach us that once Yaakov arrived in Mitzrayim the trials and tribulations of his life were finally closed as well. That is why, says the Kli Yakar, immediately after this it says "VaYehi Yimei Yaakov Shnei Chayav Sheva Shanim..." The years of Yaakov's life were 147. These final years were so good that although beforehand he didn't consider the first 130 years living, now after the last 17 wonderful years the troubles of the past were forgotten and his whole life seemed enjoyable and memorable. A good ending can make the entire past, no matter how difficult, disappear!

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