Early in this week's Parsha, upon discovering a strange pushing in her stomach, Rivka asks, "If so, why am I thus?" and consequently "she went to inquire of Hashem" (Genesis 25:22). Rashi interprets that she went to the academy of the prophet Shem son of Noah who would be able to tell her what was happening.

In reference to this "pushing", Rashi explains that Esav and Yaakov were pushing and fighting one another in her womb, engaging in "the battle for the settlement of the two worlds". The Maharal of Prague clarifies that these "two worlds" refer to this world and the World to Come. He then asks according to this simple understanding of Rashi, why were the brothers already fighting while still in the womb, even before entering this world where the battle should take place?

He offers a deeper understanding of Rashi's words to answer this question: Don't view the conflict between Esav and Yaakov as that of two partners who engaged in a harmonious relationship, and tension caused discord between them. Rather, see them as fire and water who in principle will never coexist. Esav and Yaakov, by their very definition, cannot live with each other.

Bearing this relationship in mind, it becomes clear why Yaakov must later swindle the birthright from Esav - it is a matter of existence.

Good Shabbos!

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