Rivka was having problems with her pregnancy and went to ask from the prophet of her time why she was having trouble. She was told that she was going to give birth to SHNE LE’UMIM, two nations. The usual word for nations is AMIM. Here the word LE’UMIM is used.

R' Shimshon Raphael Hirsch in his commentary on the Torah refers us to the statement of Chazal: EYN LE’OM ELA MALCHUT, “the word LE’OM implies a kingdom”. (Avoda Zara 2b) This

means a system of government. Rivka was informed that she will give birth to two different systems of government. One will built up its greatness on spirit and morals, the humane in humans; the other would seek its greatness in cunning and strength. A government built on spirit and morals is the opposite of one built on strength and violence. From their very birth these two children of Rivka lived vastly different lives. Rivka was also informed ULE’OM MILE’OM YE’EMATZ, “one government will be mightier than the other”. (Gen. 25,23) One form of government will be stronger than the other. The scales will constantly sway from one to the other.

In our time we see that this prediction is still relevant. We have seen evil nations warring against democracies. We see also today how the Islam world is trying to dominate and destroy nations through means of terror. We believe that in the end truth and justice will prevail. Good Shabbos

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