The end of last week's Parsha (Chayei Soro) finishes with the words, "Al Pnei Kol Echov Nafal" - "Over all his brothers he (Yishmael) shall fall". This week's Parsha starts with the words, "ViAyleh Toldos Yitzchok" - "And these are the offspring of Yitzchok".

Baal HaTurim explains the connection. "Al Pnei Kol Echov Nafal" - when Yishmael - (the Arabs) will fall, then, "ViAyleh Toldos Yitzchok" - Mashiach Ben David will come from the descendants of Yitzchok.

The fall of Yishmael is a prerequisite for the coming of the Mashiach.

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