"Make for yourself an ark" Bereishis 6:14

Rashi asks a simple question, why did Hashem burden Noach with this 120 year project??? The answer Rashi gives is that people would see him building this huge ark and wonder wat was going on, in the hope that the people would ask "whats this??" Rashi says that Noach would have answered The Holy One, blessed be He, is destined to bring a flood upon the world and Hashem would hope that they repent!!

From this Rashi we see an important lesson. Even though - as an earlier Rashi commented - Their verdict was sealed only because of robbery - Hashem still gave the world a chance to repent!

Hashem always gives second chances. The days of Judgement of Rosh Hashanna and Yom kippur are over and we have been judged fairly and accuratly by Hashem and we have all pG been sealed in the book of life - the good book - and our year plan has been drawn up for us! But we can still change that! we have the power to see that Noach is building the ark and ask ourselves why is he doing that! and our own inner Noach should answer, "because you have been bad go repent!!

Remember Hashem always gives second chances... See the Warnings!!!

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