The pasuk tells us (8;9) that when the dove that Noach had sent to check if the land had dried, returned to him, Noach 'stretched out his hands and took it (the dove) and brought it into the ark.' Why did Noach do this; couldn't the dove have flown in by itself? Rabbi Kupitz of Manchester gives a delightful explanation. Noach felt bad, as it were, that the dove had gone out on a mission and had failed to signify any good news or bring any vegetation back. So as a sign of compassion so the dove would not feel bad for having to return to the ark, Noach personally stretched out his arm and brought the dove back into the ark so the dove would not feel bad. As with a history of tzaddikim, Noach was allowing his good middos to express itself to such an extent that they were even expressed to non-humans (eg Moshe not hitting the river/dust in the first plagues out of grattitude to the river nile and dust, etc.)

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