There is an interesting episode in the final perek of our sedra. A group of people build a tower to try and 'reach and rebel' against HaShem. What was there plan here? The Netziv eplains that these people had heard what happened in the great flood and knew that it was because of the corrupt actions of the people of the world. They then thought of a 'solution:' The troubles of the world were caused by people doing what they want. The problem, in their eyes, was individuality - each person acting in their own different way. And so they planned to build a huge tower from which they could look down at everyone and make sure that everyone was behaving in exactly the same way. Their idea was to destroy individuality, because that's what they felt the problem was. And HaShem, middah kenegged middah, split them up across the world and made them into different individuals with their different languages.

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