"In a place where there are no men (leaders) make yourself a man (leader)."

(Avot 2:5). Joseph was imprisoned for 12 years. Last week's parasha ended off with the wine bearer forgetting to mention Joseph's dream interpreting abilities to Pharoah. In this week's parasha, Pharoah has dreams and none of the magicians in Egypt could interpret the dreams. Only then, two years after making the promise to Joseph, does the wine bearer finally tell Pharoah of his meeting with Joseph. Two years?!?!? When the wine bearer was freed,Joseph probably thought i t was his lucky day. Instead, two years pass until Joseph would have his chance to meet Pharoah.

When Joseph meets Pharoah, he not only interprets the dream but offers his recommendation on what action should be taken. Pharoah had no reason to accept Joseph's interpreation, let alone his advice. Why does Pharoah decide to do what Joseph suggests? There was no one else who could offer an interpretation. Not only that, but Joseph seemed to have a good track record for success.

Everything about this whole episode had to happen in the right time.

If Joseph was freed right after the wine bearer he would probably not become the #2 man in Egypt, the leading country in the world at the time. History might not have played out the same. It took two years for his chance to come.

When it came, Joseph made the most of the opportunity. There was no man and he became the man. You can be the leader when there is no leader but only when the time is right. It doesn't matter how good you are, or what talents you might have if the time is not right. We live in a world where we want it all right NOW! Your time will come. When it does, make sure you really give it all you've got. You too can be freed from your prison and seated on top of the world.

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem!

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