The Posuk states: "Imree Nah Achosi Aht" (Please say you are my sister) (Bereishis 12:13)

Chazal teach us "Maasay Avos Siman L'banim". The ways of the fathers are signs for the sons. During a time of great famine in Eretz Yisrael, Avraham and Sarah traveled to Egypt. As they reached the border Avraham Avinu sent an important message to all his future generations with those words.

He taught that when one travels to Chutz LaAretz there are three things one must take with them to maintain their Kedusha.

"Imree Nah", say please. The word "Nah", please - is Lashon Bakasha - a request. This is a remez to Tefillah. The word "Nah" is spelled Nun, Alef. The gematria is 51. The Divrei Yisroel brings down that the early Chassidim davened each Tefillah for 1½ hours each day - 3 tefillot a day is 4½ hours of davening. Six days a week brings to a total of 27 hours, add 24 hours of Shabbos (the first hour of Shabbos is included in the 27 hours of Tefillah). 27 and 24 equal 51 - so the word "Nah" is also a remez to Shabbos.

On the word "Achosi", sister, the Baal Haturim explains that Achosi is associated with Chachmah and there is no Chachmah except for Torah. So we can infer that the word Achosi is a remez to Torah.

Avrohom Avinu was telling us that if we take Shabbos, Tefillah and Torah with us on our journey through Chutz LaAretz, we will be successful. .

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