The Torah relates, "And it was when he had not yet finished speaking that suddenly Rivka was coming out. . ."(Genesis 24:15).
Rabbeinu Bechaya explains that the Hebrew word for "he" used in the passuk is superfluous, and that instead of referring to Eliezer, "he" refers to Hashem. Thus, this verse relates how Hashem interceded to ensure that Eliezer would "chance" upon Rivka at the opportune moment. Moreover, the commentary Toldot Yitzchak explains that because of Rivka's modesty, she rarely ventured to the well, and that Hashem caused her to go specifically on that day. Now, were a similar scene to play itself out today, one would perhaps fail to take note of the Providential direction of the event. Observers may see a meeting between two people as mere happenstance a casual incidence of "boy meets girl". It is important to realize, however, that in the larger scheme of things, such an incident cannot be viewed as being so simple; Yitckak and Rivka's shidduch (match) is an excellent example of Hashem working behind the scenes. Perhaps this Torah narrative most effectively represents the Jewish term "basheirt", commonly used in reference to one's future spouse who will be met at the "properly ordained" time, and more broadly referring to the concept that everything flows from Hashem's will.

Thus, the description of the amazing rendezvous between two of the essential progenitors of the Jewish people should sensitize us to realize that at every turn in life, at every crossroad of uncertainty, and at every moment of interaction, there are events which may not be accidental, but rather examples of Hashem's active participation in our daily lives. Things do happen for a reason; it is just that with our limited spiritual intelligence, we are not always cognizant of their purpose.

Good Shabbos!

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