Fireworks are very impressive, spreading fantastic colours across the night sky, but thinking about it, as a source of light they're pretty usless. It's the lights we use everyday that we dont notice, that are the most beneficial.
In this weeks Parsha, Rivka displays her innate character, her enthusiasm, her kindness. To an onlooker she just seems like a sweet girl doing simple tasks in a pleasant way, nothing extraordinary or exceedingly special, yet she is the one to mother the next generation of Avraham and yitzchak's monotheistic ideals.
We often feel that greatness

lies only in tremendous acts which influence the masses. But in Hashem's eyes, and we see this throughout the Torah, greatness is attributed to people who do small things with the right attitude and consistancy -

The Yetzer hora's most powerful tool is 'making us feel worthless'- learn from Rivka and not from fireworks...each of us is outstanding in our own LITTLE way..

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