Rivka on her way to Eretz Yisroel met Yitzchok by chance while he was davening. This holy sight of the tzaddik davening intimidated her greatly, says the Netziv. She jumped off the camel and covered herself out of fear.

The Netziv explains that this set the tone for her lifelong relationship with Yitzchok. Unlike the other Imahos like Sara and Rochel who were not shy about voicing their opinions to their spouses, Rivka was always intimidated by Yitzchok and did not dare verbalize any disagreement directly to Yitzchok.

This initial memory of the fear that Rivka had for Yitzchok was integral for the future , says the Netziv. Had Rivka been like the other Imahos she would not have been quiet as Eisav's deception captured his father's love and attention. She would have exposed Yitzchok to the truth about Eisav. Since it was important for the future of Klal Yisroel that Yaakov receive the Brachos from Yitzchok in the way he did, Hashem devised this chance meeting that left a lifelong impression on Rivka and helped shape the future.

We can learn from this that First impressions really are important not only on a physical level but the fact that Hashem may very well have made you think of your spouse in that way as to make sure that the future will all go according to His Divine plan!!

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