The Hidden Key

"And the man (Eliezer) was astonished at her" (Breishis 24:21)

No sooner had Eliezer finished his prayer for a wife for Yitschok when in detail all he requested was manifested before his eyes. The Torah tells us that he was astonished. We need to ask, “Why was he so surprised?” Why, you ask, do we need to ask?

“HASHEM is close to all who call out to Him in truth!” (Tehillim 145)

Here's a story!! A couple who had gone to a number of seminars decided months earlier to send their boy and girl to a Hebrew Day School. At an evening class in their apartment in Riverdale the father told me something that had just occurred. Since he would come home from work earlier than his wife he would take his kids and a few others out to a local park after school. Later he would shepherd them back to the apartment for dinner and homework. That week, when it came time to leave the park, and all the children were around him he realized that he couldn’t find his keys. Even if the door man would let them into the building he would be left waiting for hours in the hallway till his wife came home. He began to fret anxiously as he searched and searched for the keys. His eight year old boy, now newly immersed in Yeshiva for only a few months watched as his father became nervous, and he too began to feel upset. So he grasped his tennis ball, the one he had just been playing with, like you and I would hold a Sefer Tehillim, and he whispered with sincerity, “HASHEM, please help my father find his keys!” Then he threw the ball any which way with all his might and when he went to pick up the bally there were his father’s keys touching the ball.

Astonished? Why? “HASHEM is close to all, to all who call to Him in truth!” Nothing is lost in HASHEM’s world and no one is lost. HASHEM can find anybody-anything and anybody-anybody.

A truthful heart is the hidden key! .

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