We see that Eliezer is discussing the marriage of Rivka to Yitschok. As soon as he heard the words from Lavan and Besuel's mouths that they Rivka can go with him back to Canaan to marry Yitschok, Yishtachu artzoh - he bows to the ground

I saw the Rashi to this posuk and it was made clear to me the importance of saying thank you for even the smallest things in life!!

Rashi says "Mican sh'moidim al b'soiroh Toivah" - "W

e should give thanks for every good tiding"

At this stage of the story there is no real major development after all Rivka has still not given her consent to the marriage. but even at this small development Eliezer prostrates himself to thank Hashem. We should all take to heart what Rashi learns from this, that we should be grateful and thank Hashem even for every B'soiroh Toivah.

A little Boruch Hashem (thank G-D) when things are going good can go a long way to show that you appreciate Hashem's Blessing!!.

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