B-reishis – Bet Reishit, 2 beginnings. Every beginning has a beginning that precedes it – indeed in our daily prayer we talk about G-d placing a soul “within me” – what is me? My existence before my existence – personality, life mission. Before we are ready to start out on a new path, open a new chapter, we need to open ourselves first – be there in our minds and commitment before we’ve begun the journey to that goal. And the most sure-fire way of guaranteeing our constant openness to new beginnings is to focus, daily, on our character development through the study of mussar and introspection. As the verse reminds us “Good is the end result from (because of) its

beginning.” Wishing you and yours a hearty new year of wonderful beginnings!

Shabbat Shalom, Rabbi Shimshon Silkin.

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