The Mitzvah of Shnayim Mikra

The mitzvah of shnayim mikra is very difficult, yet it is a mitzvah none the less, and we even must mechanech our children in this mitzvah just like we are mechanech them to hear the megilla!


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it's not at the top - and where the name is, it says the email address.

[12:18:17] mkormornick: but the url looks good


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Challenges lead to growth



“And dust shall you eat all the days of your life (3:14)

Dust is readily available, so this seems to be more like a blessing than a curse. However, in truth a trouble-free existence is not the type of life Hashem intends for us.

Rav Sternbuch recalls a…

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aveira goreres aveira

When apologising for the sin, Adam tells Hashem that he's actually going to sin more? That doesn't sound so appropriate to an apology What was he really saying?

January 28 1986, is a day which will live on in the memories for any American alive at the time. The Space…

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