While the spies were on their way to Eretz Yisroel, the possuk tells us that one of them, Kalev, makes a detour to Chevron. Rashi tells us he did this to pray at the forefather’s graves that he should not be badly influenced by the rest of the spies. The possuk then continues by informing us that in Chevron there resided the three oversized sons of a giant; Achimon, Shayshai and Talmai. What is the connection between Kalev going to Chevron and these giants?

We can answer this question by exploring another problem. If there were giants living in Chevron, how could Kalev risk his life by going there – one is not allowed to risk one’s life, even with intentions to pray at a holy place? Rav Ezriel Rosenbaum explains, when a person is alarmed by a certain fear, he will sometimes run straight from one danger into another. For example, a person in a burning house may very well jump out the window, even if his changes of surviving the fall are low – he is overcome with fear from the fire and cannot act rationally.

In our story, once Kalev had seen the negative intentions of the other spies, he became so terrified about the possibility of being influenced by them and sinning that he acted irrationally; he ran straight into a giant’s lair to pray. The Torah tells us that the giants lived in Chevron to show us the enormous yiras chait, fear of sin, that Kalev possessed.

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