Aparting from the episode of the spies - Hashem says to the bnei yisroel about the offerings that must be accompanied by gfts of meal-offerings and wine libations. Thr inb Ezra along with the Ramban comments that G-d told them this law now when it only applied to 39 years later(in the land of Israel) in order to give the younger generation confidence and to ensure them that G-d still intended to give them the land.
A lesson can be tought from this in everyday situations to ensure that you don't wait untill it is too late (like the Bnei Yisroel did eariler on in Sh'lach when Moshe's words brought them to their senses but unfortunately too late) and act as soon as possible. An example of this may be asking someone for Mechila- if you wait then maybe G-D forbid something may happen to the person and you will not get that chance. Similarly learning torah- you may say "Oh I will learn that in 10 minutes" and G-d forbid you get distracted etc and end up missing out on that mitzvah of learning Torah.

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