Why is a nazir called a sinner because he abstains from wine? What's sinful about that? 

When Hashem prepares food for us to eat and we disregard His bounty it is denying His offer. It is an insult to refuse His invitation. It is also denying His kindliness, ignoring His Goodness. That is a sin. Which a Nazir has done. 
Does this mean we should be steeped in materialism? One authority, the Shlah, feels that only someone free of sin ought to enjoy food and drink, and even so only if it will harm his observance were he to fast. Otherwise, abstinence is always recommended. Others disagree. Some quote a Gemarah in the Yerushalmi requiring one to enjoy anything he can at least once a year as an appreciation for what Hashem has laid out for us. Just as when your wife bakes something new decency requires that you taste it, so too we are duty bound to taste Hashem's sweets

Clearly guzzling is out and eating in a way that will benefit Hashem and His greater glory is in, but where precisely do we draw the line – what percent of l'shaim shamayim is needed ? 

Rabbi Yitzchak Scheiner shlit"a expressed it like this: What has been granted unto us to enjoy and partake of this world is indeed Hashem's gift to us. We need not ignore this gift nor be blind to it. In fact it is proper to enjoy it, as it was manifestly intended for. This is acknowledgement of Hashem's gift. Indeed, life's purpose is not enjoyment; however enjoyment is a healthy part of normal living. We are programmed to live life and enjoy it, and we are at peak productivity when functioning as human beings with a full involvement in this world. One must be normal; enjoy this world, and actively enjoy life, but do not make it your goal.

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