"And Hashem spoke to Moses saying, Speak to AAron and his sons saying, So shall you bless Israel saying to them: May Hashem bless you and protect you. May Hashem shine His face upon you and be gracious to you,and I shall bless them." (6:22-27)

The Kohanim (Priests) are commanded to bless the nation of Israel with the blessing as enumerated in the verses above. The blessing in the original Hebrew amounts to 15 words. Fifteen is indeed a special number. In Isaiah 26:4 , it states the following, "With the name Yah , G-d fashioned the worlds".When one adds up Yah it equals 15 (yud=10, Hai=5).This means that when G-d created the physical and spiritual worlds, G-d had in mind all the blessings that He wished to bestow on Israel put into creative motion. But how can we prepare ourselves for such a blessing? Perhapes the answer can be found in the number 15.The hebrew for hand is YAd, this equals 14 (Yud =10, Dalid= 4). Hands represent activity and action. However, we must constantly strive to instill in our actions G-dliness and holiness.By adding 1 , which represends G-d, to "YAD" (Hand) we arrive at the number 15. When we do an action, is for the sake of glorifying Hashem in the world? If so, then we are ready to receive the "PRIESTLY BLESSING" as represented by the number 15.Have a good Shabbos. (These ideas are original Torah Thoughts, as a result they should be understood in the proper context.......)

This Torah thought is being dedicated to my beloved father, NACHMAN SHIMON ben YEHUDA MEIR HAKOHAN, Z"L

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