Naso Es Rosh Bnei Gershon Gam Hem L'Beis Avosam -Count (literally, raise/lift the heads of) the Sons of Gershon, also according to their households..." (Bamidbar 4:22)
The Imrei Aish, well known for his Ahavas Yisroel and sincere concern for the downtrodden, finds a lovely remez (hint) in this pasuk showing how to relate to the Jews he so loved.
The name Gershon grammatically is similar to M\'gurashim - the outcasts/divorced. One should focuse on raising the heads and spirits of the outcasts, the poor and weak, so that they too can come to appreciate the Greatness of Hashem via Torah, Song and Praise.
If this is done, then they "also" will become "balebatim" - with a sense of self worth and self respect.

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