The halachos of purifying vessels can be found in perek 31 of our sedra. The basic rule is that the purification process for any given vessel is the reversal of the way the vessel became impure in the first place. For example, if the vessel became impure via using it in contact with fire, it must be purified by fire. The Chofetz Chaim extended this idea to refer to the general purification process of Teshuva. For example, if one damaged their power of speech by speaking lashon hara then the way to remedy such a sin is to learn Torah, due to the oral expression of the words of Torah involved therein. Similarly, if one committed a sin with the fire of passion, then one should do Teshuva with a passion. Since Teshuva undoes the sin, then the form of Teshuva should match the way one committed the sin.

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