"Why do you dissuade the heart of Bnei Yisrael from crossing to the Land ...? This is what your fathers did, when I sent them from Kadesh-Barnea to see the Land . . . The wrath of Hashem burned on that day..." (32:7-8, 10)
The prolific R' Yonatan Eyebschutz z"l in Tiferet Yehonatan asks: Why does the verse refer to the "wrath of HASHEM" against the Spies?

Usually the Name "Hashem" refers to G-d's MERCY, while the Name "ELOKIM" is used to refer to G-d's ANGER? Thus, the Possuk should have read the "wrath of ELOKIM (=strict justice) against the spies".?
He answers: What was the sin of the Spies?

They spoke truthfully when they said that the Land was very good and that its inhabitants were strong. However, their sin was that they said the Land was too good, that only a nation with a very strong nature could tolerate so much of a good thing, while Bnei Yisrael could not tolerate it. And, whereas Yehoshua and Kalev

argued that Hashem would help Bnei Yisrael tolerate the goodness of the Land, the other spies were unwilling to count on a miracle, feeling themselves to be unworthy.
It turns out then that the Spies did not sin at all.

They simply underestimated themselves, and thus refused to accept Hashem's gift.

Hashem was angry at them for rejecting His goodness, but His wrath was tempered by love and mercy, for He recognized that it was His nation's humility and their love for Him that led them astray.

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