At the beginning of Perek 32, the Pasuk tells us that the Reuven and Gad desired to settle not in Eretz Yisrael, but on the side of the River Jordan that they stood on. These two Shevatim had an abundance of cattle and believed that this was good grazing land.
They went to Moshe and asked his permission to settle there, promising that they would join the other Shevatim in conquering Eretz Yisrael before they settled down.
The Chumash tells us that they asked permission to build holdings for their cattle and cities for their families. When Moshe responds to them he reverses the order and tells them to build cities for their families and holdings for their cattle .
Why did Moshe reverse the order of their words? Moshe was teaching the Shevatim and us a life lesson. He told them that their families must come before their businesses. First, set up cities for your families and then set up boundaries for your businesses.
And then Moshe ended with these words "HaYotzay MePichem Tasu", what ever comes out of your mouth you must do - which means honor your words.
Two lessons that we, many generations later can still find applicable to our lives today - make your family your number one priority and keep your word.

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