When the war with Midyan was over and Moshe found out that they did not kill the women he became angry with Elozar because the women were the ones who caused Klal Yisroel to sin. The gemara Pesochim (66b) says that when a person becomes angry even if he is as wise as Moshe, his wisdom will leave him. Afterwards Elozar taught Bnei Yisroel Hilchos tevila since it was hidden from Moshe due to his anger.
Rav Chaim Shmuelevitz points out that Moshe was perfectly correct in his assessment of the armies poor judgment and had every right to be angry. So why was he punished? He answers that Moshe was not punished. When anger overtakes a person the fact is that his wisdom leaves him. It is not a punishment it is the way things work. Therefore it makes absolutely no difference if the anger is justified or not.
Anger and wisdom just don't go together.




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