Why was the mouth of the Earth used to punish Korach and his followers, couldn't a bolt of lightening or death by plague sufficed as a punishment?

The Ohr Hachayim says that the mouth of the Earth had been cursed by Hashem (posuk 11 perek 4 Parshas Bereishis) for accepting the blood of the murdered Hevel. So it was the selfsame "mouth" that swallowed up Korach and his cohorts who by their "mouths" had caused a great Chillul Hashem - Middoh Keneged Middoh!

The Sror Hamo'or says that on the 2nd Day of Creation the term "KI Tov" is not used since a "division" took place like an argument "divides" people. So Korach, who by his argument divided Bnei Yisroel in whose merit the world was Divinely Created, had to be punished by the Earth that was created ex - nihilo by Hashem on Day One, so as to prove that Korach in fact questioned everything including the Divine Creation itself!

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