It is a busy day at home and the entire family is rushing around frantically trying to finalise preparations for a celebratory birthday dinner. As it nears an hour before mincha you head upstairs to get ready to go to a pre-davening shiur, to fulfill the mitzvah of learning Torah. As you head to the door your mother asks if you would help her lay the table - a task that you know will take a good half an hour. What do you do? Miss out on the Torah study and respect the wishes of your mother? Or disrespect your mother and rush out the door straight to the beis hamidrash? Tough choice.
Korach's actions in appointing himself to the high priesthood were a for certain an act of improper insubordination and he was duely punished but surely his actions were an obvious expression of a phenomenal urge to achieve an honoured position in which he could ensure he served Hashem with phenomenal magnitude? Why was he punished for openly demonstrating his passion? Is the Torah teaching us to sit back and restrain our urges to achieve closeness with Hashem?
In some circumstances, yes.
Korach's mistake was letting his passion for high priesthood cause a rebellion and a division amongst Bnei Yisroel. His intentions were seemingly meritorious from a personal perspective but he failed to see the effects of his actions and by attempting to alter the divine plan he was foresaking his relationship with G-d.
Mitzvahs and opportunities occur as they do for a reason. Stop, close the door, smile at your mum and tell her you'd love to help her lay the table. Give her the respect that she not only deserves but the respect which you are commanded to give her. Complete that mitzvah first because Hashem put it there first and wouldn't have done so if the ultimate benefit wasn't to be achieved from it.
Ultimate trust in Hashem's divine plan is not an easy feat to achieve but he is our sheperd and we are his flock. The grass might seem greener on the other side, but it might also delay us on the journey to a beautiful meadow.

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