The second Rashi in this week's Sedra expounds the verse "vayikchu eilecha" (and they shall take to you).
Rashi explains that because HaShem is speaking in the singular, He must only be addressing Moshe, despite the verse starting "And HaShem spoke to Moshe and Aharon".
I haven't seen the following idea anywhere but i'm sure it must have been said: The verse is about to deal with the Para Aduma (Red Heffer). Although this law is a law of which we especially cannot fathom (a chok), the commentators explain that the purifying qualities of the Para Adumah is in order to 'spiritually fix'- in part- the sin of the golden calf .
Therefore, it is clear that HaShem could only really have given this chok to Moshe. For he was the only person alive at the time not present at the sin of the golden calf!
Because he was not blemished by being present at the sin, he was the only person worthy of receiving its 'fix' ... and the exact reasons behind it.

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