The first Rashi in this weeks Parsha explains that the Satan and the Nations of the World will question the Jews' reasons and the logic for keeping the Mitzva of the Parah Adumah (Red Heffer) which is unknowable and seemingly illogical(a chok).
Mayne Shel Torah brings a beautiful vort from Hamagid hakadosh m'zlutzchuv. He asks why is it dafka this question they will bring up? There are many other chukim (Decrees that cannot be comprehended and which one could never have worked out without the Torah's instruction)or practices that they could have logical problems with??
He answers that the Para Adumah acted in some respects as a tikun (spiritual fix) for the chet ha egel (sin of the golden calf)- and when the Satan or the non Jews ask about these laws they want to stir up the Heavenly Prosecutor to bring charges against the Jewish people and stir HaShem's wrath for sinning with the golden calf! This is why no other practice is questioned as much as the Parah Adumah.
As a side issue, the Mayne Shel Torah explains that this is a reason why HaShem made this law a chok. It was an act of chesed by HaShem to hide the reasons for the Para Adumah so that it reasons become clouded and therefore it is obvioulsy now more than a tikun for the chet haegel!

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